Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Sew and Tell: Criss Cross Vest from a Sweater

I thought I was done with winter sewing but I thought this would be a good transition piece. 

So, I made this criss cross vest from a sweater! I loved the way it turned out, better than I expected. I am definitely planning to write a full fledged tutorial for this, but in the mean time, here are some pics of the results. 

 Here, I wore it with a tank top. I really like the look, and as I mentioned before, it's great for those spring-like days not yet warm enough for just a tank. 

This is what it looks like lying flat

...and here it is inside out, front and back. It gives you an idea of how it's put together. I used the sleeves for the back and the criss cross is composed of the front and back of the sweater. 

It also looks great with a lace top. I have lots of lace tops so I'm looking forward to getting some use out of them with this vest.

So what do you think. Would you be interested in a tutorial for this? 

Monday, March 3, 2014

Sew and Tell: Colorblock Sweatshirt Dress

So here is my next sweatshirt dress offering: color block flounce hem sweatshirt dress. What do you think? I am trying to get rid of my sweatshirt scraps before the winter is over, hence the color block.  I am soooo ready for the Spring. However, I am sad to see Winter go, fashion wise. I LOVE cold weather fashion and I love my sweatshirts!
On a side note, I have not been blogging that often because I have a part time job as a museum educator in, well, a museum, lol. I will definitely talk more about this in another post. I wore this dress for one of my tours and raced home to take pictures of it before the kids came home from school. I forgot to take my id tag off for the first pics so I decided to use it as a prop!  

Here's the front and back. I didn't have enough scraps for the back so it is less color blocky, if you will, but I don't mind. 

 I love the v-shape in the front and the flouce on the bottom. Looks great with leggings and boots. 
If I would have had more of the blue sweatshirt material, I would have used it on the sleeves but, low and behold, I didn't, so I had to use the brown. I think blue sleeves would have balanced it out a little more. 
Like always, I love the fact that you can't tell these are regular sweatshirts! 

Would you wear something like this? Too color blocky?