Thursday, September 25, 2008

Reconstructed Mens Shirt on Etsy shop

Here is my third reconstructed mens shirt. I added puff sleeves and this one has more of a flared waist. I love the way it came out so I decided to add it to my etsy shop, . I am working on another one for the friend who originally requested one and got me on this journey. What do you think?

Monday, September 22, 2008

Monday Inspiration

I am joining in making Monday's post about the topic of inspiration. This weekend I was inspired by one of my son's favorite TV shows, Imagination Movers. "Described as a combination of the Beastie Boys and Fred Rogers, the Movers combine pop and rap music, education and fun in their videos about such child-friendly topics as cleaning up your room, eating right, and being afraid of the dark" (from I was watching it this saturday with my oldest son, M, on the Disney Playhouse channel when I realized that they don't like to use the word "problem." When they have a "problem", they quickly correct themselves and say, "no, we have an idea emergency!!!" An "idea emergency". What a great way to attack a problem. It's so full of possibilities, so hopeful. I have a lot of "idea emergencies" right now. My biggest one is my need for a part time job that pays well, jives with my son's bus schedule, and is accomodated by my finding a babysitter that would stay with D part time (this is proving to be very difficult since babysitters want full time assignments). I have been frantically searching for babysitters, looking through job announcements, and fighting with my son's bus driver because she has yet to pick him up at the same time since school started. How am I supposed to find a job with set hours when I don't even know what time the bus is supposed to arrive? Can anyone say "idea emergency?" I am yet to find the perfect job, but in the meantime, the solution to my "idea emergency" is to calm down, take a deep breath, and wait on the Lord. That works for me.

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

New Angela Davis Top

I listed this Angela Davis top in my etsy shop yesterday. Some of my friends and family members question my decision to use the image of Angela Davis in my clothing line given the controversial aura that follows her. I love this image. To me this image screams STRONG BLACK WOMAN. I don't agree with everything that she did but I do love the fact that she is not afraid to stand up for what she believes in. We need images like these, I need images like these. Images that remind us of the strength that I/we possess, of the potential that we have to confront injustice. I am not a confrontational person, by all means. I am the middle child, I am prone to keep the peace in any argument, no matter the cost. But when I see strong images of men and women who have won battles that we didn't have to fight, I can't help but feel grateful, re-charged, STRONG. That is part of what Nelesc is all about.

Friday, September 12, 2008

Recently asked readers when they felt most creative. I have been wrestling with finding more time to be creative. More and more I realize that it doesn't matter when I am most creative, if I want to accomplish anything I have to push myself during those times that I don't necessarily feel creative but have a little window of time. I am learning to work piecemeal which is hard for me, I like big bulks of time. So i cut a sleeve now, pin later, later on, i sew it, etc. It's not ideal but I recently have been accoplishing more like this instead of waiting for the kids to fall asleep. Many a times I have headed to my sewing machine bleary-eyed only to plop my head on whatever I was working on.

By the way, is an amazing blog. Please go and read it, it will not disappoint.

Thursday, September 11, 2008

Second attempt at reconstructed men's shirt

Okay, here's my 2nd attempt. A little better, a little looser but i do like the drama of the first one. This one is a bit too tame. I will definitley put an image on this one, will post that when it's ready. I am having a lot of fun with these so I think I am going to make a bunch of them and list them in my etsy store,

First attempt at reconstructed mens shirt

So here's my first attempt at the reconstructed men' shirt. It is still not finished. J had given me a bunch of his old shirts to work with so I have lots of practice fabric. I like it, i just wish i would have made it a bit looser, too snug in the middle but i do like it and would definitely wear it. What do you think?

Frida reconstructed men's shirt

About a year go I made this reconstructed men's shirt and screen printed Frida Kahlo on it. I recently went to the school I used to teach in and one of the teachers absolutely loved it. She asked me to make her one. So i am now on the journey to remember how I actually made the thing.

Back from long hiatus

Sorry for the long hiatus. M was home from summer school starting August 11 and I had to constantly think of trips and stuff to do to keep the kids busy. We had a good time, lots of museum, Bronx Zoo and playground trips. Then M started school and I was busy with that. But things are now getting back to normal and I am soooo ready to start sewing again. I did print on new and recycling clothes this summer and added them to my shop, I also did a couple of t-shirt recons too.