Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Vacation, Special Needs, and What I Wore

Vacationing with a special needs child can be tough. I often wonder if it would be easier to stay home; routine, familiarity and sensory stuff at our disposal. However, a different environment allows me to learn more about Dan, see how he responds to new situations, expose him to new things, and enjoy him in a different context. So here's a little run down of our vacation, what I wore, and how we all did. 

Dan trashed our hotel room the minute we got there, lol.

The first day, I wore this top I made 2 years ago. I love it! It's a racerback with a draped color blocked front and low peter pan collar. So comfy and great for vacay. 
We spent a lot of time in the hotel pool downstairs. One of the things that keeps Dan calm is water. If he were in water all day, he would be so still and peaceful.

My oldest also enjoys water but is less adventurous in the pool. 

On the third day we made our way to the shore. I loved seeing this sign. Stronger than the storm...

I wore this shirt on the third day.  Small shirt to draped  tank, tutorial here

 Near the shore, we stopped to play miniature golf. Dan was not into it at all and he would not let go of his blanket but it's all about exposure to new things.

My oldest, on the other hand, loved it! He is land, while Dan is sea. Opposite sides of the spectrum indeed. 

Amusement park rides also calm Dan down. He loves motion. Water and motion are his favorites!  Here we are on the same train ride we took last year, I wrote about it in this post and took the same exact picture. This year I knew the drill; I went straight to the customer affairs office and asked for my bracelet, the bracelet that allows Dan to ride free because, well, he's "special".  It's interesting that they put the bracelet on the mother and not the child. Last year was the first year I had to grapple with the fact that Dan does indeed act "special". I couldn't hide behind the the late bloomer label anymore and he outed me as a special needs mom. 

My special needs mom coming out bracelet. 

All in all, we had a great time and it was a much needed change of scenery. 

The end of the summer is approaching. Would love to hear what you all did!   

Thursday, August 15, 2013

The Case for a Dog

I don't like dogs, or cats for that matter. I don't really like pets in general. I know this is not the popular thing to say these days. Everyone I know is a nature loving, animal adorer, including my husband and two boys. It's a running joke in my house, "mommy hates animals!", "mommy why don't you like dogs?" "How can you hate God's creatures?"

In my defense, it's best that I not be near any type of animal.  I can't even keep my plants alive. For our wedding someone got us this very exotic plant from China that didn't even need much watering. Well, I didn't water it at all, I forgot!  In college, my boyfriend, now my husband, gave me  hamster, I was so overworked with school that I forgot to feed him and he died. I felt aweful. If it's not screaming and hollering for food, I'm not going to pay attention. I have other stuff I need to do like print and sew. I just don't have time to care for one more living creature, especially with two special needs children that require so much attention.

For 16 years I have been able to blame my landlords for us not having dogs/cats. They do not allow them in our two family house and I am so super grateful! For years, I would tell the kids and my hubby, "it's not me, it's Joe and Rachel (names changed), they don't allow dogs or cats in the home. But it WAS secretly (or not so secretly) me. Now we are planning to move and that protection has gone out the window. Now my hubby is specifically looking for a place that allows dogs. I can no longer hide under someone else's rules.

And why does my husband demand that we have a dog? Well look for yourself at these cuddly pictures of my youngest with our friends's dog, Rocky.

Exhibit A

Exhibit B

Really? This is blackmail? How can I say no to a dog with this last photo of my little Dan tickling Rocky's ear? So not fair!  Even I melt when I see these. Dan remains absolutely calm in in Rocky's presence. They were frolicking for a good long while in the grass as I took these pics.

Exhibit C

Exhibit D

And here he is with my niece's little dog, Toby.  Dan was perfectly content hanging out in the kitchen while Toby jumped and snuggled all over him. I have to face the truth. Dan loves dogs and for some reason, it calms him down. 

However, for me, it gives me heart palpitations. I can deal with these sporadic pet visitations but to have one in my home day in and day out and know that I will have to be the one to take care of him/her while my husband works outside the home and the kids go to school, well, that is just not appealing to me. It's like having a new baby. All I keep thinking is this creature getting into my fabric and other sewing notions, It's hard enough keeping Dan from messing with my things. These are the choices you face when you decide to be a mother. Some parents say, "i'll do anything for my kid" and I'm sure they are thinking of shielding their child from a gun toting intruder. For me, "doing anything for my kid" might just require taking in a dog.  

So what's a crafty girl to do? For those of you who have pets (and it feels like the whole world does, except for me) how do you keep your sewing room, pet free? What is life like with pets? I need cute cuddly stories to help me deal and prepare for the inevitable, I will soon be a dog owner. Maybe. 

Monday, August 12, 2013


Hello! It's been a while since I have posted. Summer camp ended for my big boy and now I am shuttling him back and forth to basketball camp. My little one ends summer school tomorrow so it's about to get crazy here! lol. 

In the meantime, I am offering FREE (domestic and international) SHIPPING on everything in my etsy store, Nelesc Designs. This will last until Monday, September 9th, the first day of school!  

This was a crew neck top I reconstructed by scooping the neck and shortening the sleeves.  I have this in all sizes,
So head on over! The shop is pretty much stocked with icons in various sizes, S-XXL.

Friday, August 2, 2013

Draped Jumpsuit

Okay, so here's the draped jumpsuit that I promised to show pics of from this post. I am sorry for the grainy pictures. I need to figure out what I am doing wrong. Any suggestions would be welcomed. 

Anyway, back to the jumpsuit. It's no secret that I like draping and I love jumpsuits. So I decided to put the two together. I like this draped jumpsuit but it definitely needs to be tweaked. First of all: It's a bit too drapey on the sides. I don't need any extra baggage on these Puerto Rican hips, lol. 

I love the top. I again, used recycled neck bands from other t-shirts for the arm hole bands thus the little color play.

Since this has a racer back,  I couldn't pull it up from the bottom without creating an opening so I had to open up the shoulders and sew in snap tape. It has three snaps for a closure on each side. It's a little bulky, thus the big hair to cover it. I need to think about this if I make it again. 

Yes, a bit too much drape for my taste. 

All in all, I would wear this one in public but I want to make another one with my corrections to see how that one comes out. I'm hoping to offer a pattern for this jumpsuit in the future so stay tuned!