Monday, November 5, 2012

Tutorial: Transform a Small Shirt into a Draped Top

So here is a short tutorial on how I tranformed my too small top into a cute draped top!

Here is what you will need: 1)The shirt you want to make bigger 2) an XL or larger shirt in the same color or different one for a color block effect, 3) scissors, 4) sewing machine or needle and thread (although I have not tried it with the latter). 

 1. Here’s the shirt I wanted to make larger. When I bought it at a thrift shop years ago, it was gigantic and I had to make it smaller. Now it got too small and I have to make it bigger (sigh)

2. So here you have another black X-large t-shirt. I had already cut out the neck line.

3. I start by cutting the side seams and the sleeves off of my Evita shirt.

4. This what I am left with.

5. I cut further to make it look like one long, straight, column

6. I cut the sleeves off the other XL black t shirt.

7. Then I start cutting out the entire middle section

8. Until the entire middle section is all cut out. DO NOT CUT SHOULDER SEAMS.

9. Line up shoulder seams of XL shirt to the shoulder seams of the original shirt. Begin pinning going down.

10. As you pin down, also line up the bottom seam of both shirts and pin. You will definitely have more fabric from the XL shirt that you can begin pleating and pinning. This will make for a nice drape effect.

11. Turn it around to see what it looks like and make adjustments.

12. Now do the same thing to the back.

13. Place it over your head, wrong side out and, on each side, gage where it feels comfortable to start your arm hole seam and pin on each side. If it’s too difficult to do by yourself, have someone pin it for you or pin on a mannequin. Then stitch side seams all the way down.

So here it is! I have a fancy hem sewing machine so I did stitch the neckline and arm holes but you can definitely leave them unfinished as t-shirt material does not unravel.

I  wore this shirt everywhere; baby shower, kids birthday party, brunch with a friend. I just love it!

Here I am with our good friend Radesky at his sister's baby shower. Radesky was about twelve when my husband and I met him. He has turned into a fine young man.

Here I am with my good friend Karen at her son's birthday party. She is a wonderful friend and caring, compassionate public school teacher. And also a natural curly head like me!  
 This shirt is comfy, stylish and makes a statement in image and design. I will definitely make more! So what are you waiting for? Don't frown if your shirts got too small! They will look way better with this draped effect!

Tell me what you think!

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