Saturday, November 24, 2012

Comite Noviembre Puerto Rican Artisan Fair 2012

I had a wonderful time at the Comite Noviembre Puerto Rican Artisan Fair last Saturday. Thank you all who came out to support me and a special thanks to Luis Cordero Santoni for organizing this event year after year. Luis designed the image of Pedro Albizu Campos that I print on my designs. You can find more of his great designs at

This year I unveiled my new Pelo Bueno t-shirt design inspired by my curly, kinky hair. It was a big hit and I sold many.

My beautiful friend Felicia helped me set up. She is also an amazing hair stylist. I don't let anyone else touch my hair, she manages to get the whole curly/straight dichotomy that is my hair life. I will blog about her and my hair soon.

Felicia, wearing my Pelo Bueno shirt.
I met this beautiful lady, Leeanda, and very talented artist, Luis Pagan on Saturday. They had the table next to mine. Leeanda is truly a creative soul, she makes interesting bottle cap earrings, oranments, and these amazing tostone sculptures! I was going to eat them, they look so real! We also share a love for sewing. Luis is a great abstract painter, you can see his work in the picture and you can also "like" his fan page on facebook (Artist Luis Pagan) to see more!

Leeandra (Little Red Cart) and Luis Pagan. I bought some of her yummy candles!
This is Nanette. Her table was also near mine. She makes wearable art inspired by Mother Earth. I enjoyed talking to her. We also share a love for sewing! Check her out at  
Nanette makes beautiful leather belts, earrings and Tainoshikis, among other great items!

Halfway through the crafts fair, there was a wonderful Bomba y Plena dance presenatation. Bomba y Plena is a traditional form of Puerto Rican music and dance, featuring the use of the drum, other percussion instruments, and an African-derived call and response vocal style. 

The next two ladies bought Nelesc Designs wear in the past and were a special treat for me. The first is Wilda Gonzalez, a wonderful artist. She came to my table to show me the Pedro Albizu Campos cuff she bought from me last year. As I was leaving, I spotted this beautiful activist woman that I met last year at an event celebrating  Puerto Rican women. Her name is Esperanza Martorell and she was wearing my Julia de Burgos shirt. I would love for part of my legacy to be that I dressed poets, artists and activists!  I am glad I am on my way!
Wilda Gonzalez is a multimedia artist and painter

Esperanza Martorell is an activist, educator, and community organizer born in Bayamon, PR

My friend Sheila (on left) helps me every year but couldn't this time because she had to work. However, she surprised me by showing up at the tail end of the event. What a great show of  love. Thank you Sheila! Nydia (on right) has always encouraged me on this creative cultural journey and came with her cousins. She also drove me home! Thank you Nydia! I am truly blessed with great friends.
Sheila, me, and Nydia
All in all, it was a great night. I always have to give a shout out to my hubby who lets me be me and happily takes care of my kids while I participate in these events. He is such a treasure in my life and I am so grateful for him.

Can't wait for next year!  

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  1. Hello Nell! I found your blog through MimiG's facebook page. This is great, as are all your crafty posts! I would love more information on the artisan fair. Great blog!