Tuesday, January 27, 2015

How to Refashion a Purse, Part 2

Hello! First off, Happy New Year! Sorry I'm so late. 

I decided to use this snow day to introduce you to my latest sweatshirt refashion! You might recognize the purse from my last post about this summer top. This time I decided to use the same yoke pattern to make a winter top. 

I used the textured side of the purse this time. 

I used it for the yoke (top part of bodice). You can see the pattern that I made in the same previous post. I also repositioned the crew neckline, making it lower so I wouldn't have to do any binding on it, I just used the ribbing that came with the sweatshirt. 

I also used the purse for the pockets and arm bands. (I apologize for the clutter in the background, I'm working on it).

I really LOVE the way it came out. It's a nice casual top with a little edge. Maybe a little too much edge, it might look a little sci-fi, but I don't mind. My life is a little sci-fi! lol. 

I live in sweatshirts during the winter but need them to be somewhat stylish which is what this little piece offers. 

As always,  feedback is always welcome and I respond to every comment. Have a great snow day! Stay safe.