Saturday, December 27, 2014

How to Refashion a Purse, Part 1

Lovelies! I am so sorry for being MIA from the blog. Besides the day to day of family life, I am also teaching craft entrepreneurship classes, working in a museum, and focusing on my online shop leaving me little time to blog. However, I will pop in from time to time and share a sewing/refashion projects and/or a post about special needs momhood. This blog is important to me and I continue to want to share my creative and family life with you. 

It just so happens that my sister flew in from the South to be with the family for Christmas prompting me to share the behind the scenes process of a top I made during the summer, when she was also here. It all started with this faux leather purse: 

Front and back of purse. It broke but I definitely wanted to do something with it. 
For the yoke (top part of top) I decided to use the back part of the purse, the part without any pleats. I didn't want the texture of the pleats to compete with the printed fabric I was going to sew it on to. I placed the yoke pattern, which I made from newspaper, onto the purse back and cut around the shape.  And yes, that is a can opener you see holding the pattern piece. I am unconventional that way, lol. 

This is how it came out! It's a simple a-line top, I bound the edges with biased tape. I really love it. It's turning out to be my favorite piece which I wear ALL the time! 

I wore it here when my sister came to visit during the summer, 

here with a sweater during the fall,

 here, wearing it with a jacket while taking a church bathroom selfie.

and here, actually yesterday, at a Christmas gathering at my Pastor's house with amazing friends. So yes, I have worn this every season except for Spring!

So start rummaging through your old purses and start adding some cute yoke details to boring tops or just make one from scratch. 

I am now left with the front piece and handle of the purse. I already repurposed the handle, can't wait to share it with you. I will then have to think about what I can do with the pleated front part. Any ideas? 


  1. Thanks for sharing your creative ideas with Visible Monday - you look fab!

    1. It's always a pleasure Patti, thank you.

  2. Again ... you get the award for excellence of design in upscaling and repurposing! Lovely for the holidays with a little edge and complete modesty and lots of cool ... all at once! So glad you had a joyful and chic Christmas!
    Happy New Year, and I hope 2015 finds you and your family thriving!