Friday, October 26, 2012

I made a cuff from a belt!

When I made my boot cuff last year, I made another one, from the other boot, and gave it to my sister.

 Here we are showing them off together.

She liked it so much, that she gave me this belt last year to turn into a cuff for her.

Here's a closer look. It has cute, ruffly, patent leather detailing.

This was a difficult one. Unlike my sandal cuff where I added the soft leather pieces for the snaps, I decided to use the same belt material for the snaps. It was so super thick that I had to cut some of the insides of it out in order for the snap to go through. It took a while but it finally came out pretty good except for the red snap! I had started with the red snap months ago and when I got back to this project last week, I realized I ran out of red snaps!

I like the way it came out. My sister doesn't even know I finally finished it. She'll know now! Soon, I'll post a picture of her wearing it. 

What do you think?

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