Thursday, August 15, 2013

The Case for a Dog

I don't like dogs, or cats for that matter. I don't really like pets in general. I know this is not the popular thing to say these days. Everyone I know is a nature loving, animal adorer, including my husband and two boys. It's a running joke in my house, "mommy hates animals!", "mommy why don't you like dogs?" "How can you hate God's creatures?"

In my defense, it's best that I not be near any type of animal.  I can't even keep my plants alive. For our wedding someone got us this very exotic plant from China that didn't even need much watering. Well, I didn't water it at all, I forgot!  In college, my boyfriend, now my husband, gave me  hamster, I was so overworked with school that I forgot to feed him and he died. I felt aweful. If it's not screaming and hollering for food, I'm not going to pay attention. I have other stuff I need to do like print and sew. I just don't have time to care for one more living creature, especially with two special needs children that require so much attention.

For 16 years I have been able to blame my landlords for us not having dogs/cats. They do not allow them in our two family house and I am so super grateful! For years, I would tell the kids and my hubby, "it's not me, it's Joe and Rachel (names changed), they don't allow dogs or cats in the home. But it WAS secretly (or not so secretly) me. Now we are planning to move and that protection has gone out the window. Now my hubby is specifically looking for a place that allows dogs. I can no longer hide under someone else's rules.

And why does my husband demand that we have a dog? Well look for yourself at these cuddly pictures of my youngest with our friends's dog, Rocky.

Exhibit A

Exhibit B

Really? This is blackmail? How can I say no to a dog with this last photo of my little Dan tickling Rocky's ear? So not fair!  Even I melt when I see these. Dan remains absolutely calm in in Rocky's presence. They were frolicking for a good long while in the grass as I took these pics.

Exhibit C

Exhibit D

And here he is with my niece's little dog, Toby.  Dan was perfectly content hanging out in the kitchen while Toby jumped and snuggled all over him. I have to face the truth. Dan loves dogs and for some reason, it calms him down. 

However, for me, it gives me heart palpitations. I can deal with these sporadic pet visitations but to have one in my home day in and day out and know that I will have to be the one to take care of him/her while my husband works outside the home and the kids go to school, well, that is just not appealing to me. It's like having a new baby. All I keep thinking is this creature getting into my fabric and other sewing notions, It's hard enough keeping Dan from messing with my things. These are the choices you face when you decide to be a mother. Some parents say, "i'll do anything for my kid" and I'm sure they are thinking of shielding their child from a gun toting intruder. For me, "doing anything for my kid" might just require taking in a dog.  

So what's a crafty girl to do? For those of you who have pets (and it feels like the whole world does, except for me) how do you keep your sewing room, pet free? What is life like with pets? I need cute cuddly stories to help me deal and prepare for the inevitable, I will soon be a dog owner. Maybe. 


  1. lol Oh Nellie, I get it!! I have always been thrilled that Joe is terrified of dogs because that threw the decision out the window. As for how I keep the cat out of the craft room, that is why doors were invented! When he was a kitten there was absolutely NO access to my minis by the little terror. As he got older and more sedate then I gave him a little more time in the room and when I'm doing certain things, I still keep the door closed.

    1. Thank you Julie! Yes, this is definitely why doors were invented! I appreciate your story. I imagine once I get used to him/her, I might let him into my space if he behaves!

  2. I'm not a dog fan but I grew up with dogs and cats, along with fish and I had a guinea pig at some point (and kept mice for an experiment in high school). The biggest problem I find with dogs is that people do not train them properly. So be sure to be on it and your dog will be pretty sweet. Try to go for a breed that doesn't bark or yip at every noise and always remember, the size of the poop equates to the size of the dog. Dogs are also great to teach responsibility. Pets in general. They also are the perfect friend for a child to turn to. I got my cat Mitzy on my 6th birthday and she was my best friend until she passed when I was 20. She knew all of my secrets. My current kitten isn't getting too badly into my stuff...but once again, it's training! I'd also suggest, since you have two young sons, go adopt a dog that has already been potty trained. And I'd suggest adopting...idk if your boys are ready to go to a shelter (I wasn't until I was older) but knowing my animals were rescued from bad situations taught me more than I could realize :)

    1. I loved your story about Mitzy, that's so sweet! I feel that my kids can develop a similar relationship with a dog, someone to be a friend. I love the idea of adopting and yes, training, training, training!!!! I need to remember that. Thanks mixymitzy!

  3. I love dogs and have heard good things about them for our kids. The autism service dogs come trained and as adults but yeah it will be work I am sure. Btw. I am not a cat person. I just can not live with a cat. I will email you links a writer friend wrote about dogs for kids on the spectrum.

    1. I would love those links Miz Kp. Animal planet has some great stories about service dogs. Who knows, it might give me more time to sew! lol. Thanks for commenting.

  4. get the dog as a puppy. 8 weeks is fine. It's a huge - end load- of training in the beginning but worth it. you can even train it WHERE TO POOP if you get it young enough.
    Crate train. crate train.crate train.
    Positive reinforcement.When the dog is doing something you desire -laying quietly- randomly praise it. the behavior will be repeated.
    be consistent. my dog is not allowed in my bedroom. She can go into the kitchen unless I am cooking- and she knows she will be rewarded when dinner is over with a treat IN HER DISH
    Get help from a trainer or puppy class.
    You are alpha- leader of the pack- the dog will do what you allow.

    1. Thank you so much! This is such good advise. I need to be strong and really remember that I am in charge. I am still traing my little one so I guess it's the same thing. Thanks again!