Monday, October 6, 2008

Inspiration Monday

Lately, I have been very much inspired by Fall. I love the changing colors of the leaves, the brisk weather allowing me to wear jackets and hats (I love these!) and the start of the academic year, signifying a new beginning. So in keeping with that, I have begun to make hats out of recycled or, just too small to make anything else, pieces of fabric. It's been fun, a new venture in my sewing and also something I could accomplish in a day. Having an 18 month old, I have had to work in a piece meal manner, doing a little at a time. This is a new way to work for me as I used to have big chunks of time pre-kids. I often get very impatient, not wanting to see the end result over the course of a week, but right now!!! The hats give me that immediate sense of gratification. More to come on my etsy shop!


  1. Nellie those hats are awesome! Love the brim on the second one...great job finding something to do in a small amount of time. It feels great to finish projects doesn't it?