Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Fan Love Interviews - Cherisse Rivera

If you are a "liker" of my fan page on Facebook then you know that I have a section called Fan Love where I post pictures of people wearing their Nelesc Designs duds. Well, I decided to take it a step further on my blog and not only post a picture but also give my clients a chance to tell the world who they are and promote their business and/or other endeavors. I also share my blog posts with my personal and fan page friends so more people, besides my blog followers, will be in on how great my fans are. 

Cherisse Rivera was the first person to take me up on my offer and here she is rockin' the Billie Holiday puff sleeve jacket I made for her. She was a pleasure to work with and I am so proud to be featuring her today.

1) How did you find out about Nelesc Designs? 

Heard about it by looking for women's t-shirts on etsy.com

2) Why did you choose this top/icon? I love Billie Holiday pictures, I have a few products with her face on them, plus I am more of a moderate politically, so I chose it because I think its more "me" than some other icons.

3) Tell me about yourself.

By day, I work in the legal/consulting field. Other than that, I am working with a website called http://fusicology.com/. Fusicology is a website that has a presence in a number of cities. It promotes progressive music culture through event listings and relevant content. We love all music, but this website tends to give a greater voice to indie artists, especially neosoul artists.

4)What would you like to see more of at Nelesc Designs?

New icon "faces", especially for the cuffs. Perhaps some handbags as well.

5) What are you reading or listening to nowadays?

Reading: "John Henry Days", and listening- Authenticity by Foreign Exchange

Note to self: new icon faces! Thanks Cherisse, I need to get started on that. From our e-mail chats I could tell how cool Cherisse was and I was right! When you get a chance, check out Fusicology, I did and it's a really great sight for music lovers!

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