Saturday, May 21, 2011

New Nelesc Designs 2011 Spring/Summer Collection

I apologize for this late post. I have been very busy working on this collection and then had some family issues to deal with which did not allow me to post this as fast as I wanted to it is, my 2011 Spring/Summer Nelesc Designs Collection.

My Spring/Summer collection is centered around three items; a tank top, a sleeved top, and a dolman sleeve tunic. These are all designed and produced by me in various colors and sizes. This collection continues to speak to my idea of the glorified t-shirt; stylish, casual clothes that make a statement, that are conversation starters. It also continues to showcase my love of color combining that is reminiscent of my past work with color blocking, fabric scraps and t shirt reconstruction.

I will continue screenprinting my collection of icons onto the tops but will offer the tops without the icon if the customer wishes. I believe my designs can stand on their own as well.

Hourglass Tunic.
Available in S/M and L/XL

Striped Tank Top. Available in S, M, L, XL

Striped Tank Top also available in these colors with your choice of icon.  

Baloon Sleeve Top.
Available in S,M,L,XL
Balloon Sleeve Top also available in these colors too.

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