Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Ode to the Puff Sleeve Jacket

Oh, puff sleeve jacket, how I love you...

I have been making puff sleeve jackets for the past two years and I have been loving it!  It all began with this very sloppy Pedro Albizu Campos jacket I made back in 2008. The neck edge was raw and made with only one layer of fabric. It also had no waistband but people really liked it. I, however, did not feel lead to reproduce it. There are certain items I do just for fun, for me.

The original puff sleeve jacket, 2008

But  when people on my facebook fan page started to ask me if I could make them one, I thought, "why should I have all the fun?"  So, I decide to custom make them in 2010.   Using the purple one as a base, I decided to create this one. A cropped version with puffier sleeves, a waistband and a nice two layer neck collar.

Angela Davis Puff Sleeve Jacket
I made a total of 6 in various color combinatins and icons. Here are some pictures I took before I sent them out and pictures I received from happy customers.  

Nina Simone and Frida Kahlo Puff Sleeve Jackets

Billie Holiday Puff Sleeve Jacket 

The Brothers Johnson Puff Sleeve Jacket

These are so much fun to make! But I do have to take a break from them to start on my Spring/Summer line, so you will see them again in my shop in September. My next post will showcase the new improved puff sleeve jacket that I unveiled in 2011.  What do you think of these?

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