Monday, April 15, 2013

Sew and Tell: Variation on Vogue 1315

I rarely sew with woven fabrics. I totally prefer jersey knits as they drape well and I love the comfort of stretchy material. However, I received this wonderful donation of fabric from my friend's mom, Gloria Fuentes. She worked as a sample maker for various designers for over 50 years and has amassed a bountiful collection of beautiful fabric with gorgeous prints. She is now 88 years old and was ready to part with them.  I feel like I won the lottery! I am so grateful she thought of me. I am going to write more about Gloria as I use her fabric for projects. She is a really interesting lady and there is so much more to say about her. 

So, now to the dress I made. I immediately got to thinking of ideas as to how to use my new found fabric and decided to use my pattern collection as a resource. First up is Vogue 1315 which I purchased recently. This pattern calls for jersey fabric but, do I always do what the pattern tells me? NO! I thought the design would be fine with this woven print material.

Here's a close up of the print. It's really pretty. 

This pattern also called for a blouson long sleeve top. But again, do I listen to the pattern? NO! I am what you call a sewing rebel. I rarely do what the pattern tells me. I use it as a guide and do my own thing. Anyway, I decided to use the usual crisscross top with ruched shoulders design which I love so much. I also added two inches to the hem as the original design was too short for me.
What I love most about this pattern are the pockets and the draped middle. I, however, draped it more than the pattern called for. I liked the effect. The pocket design was a bit difficult to understand from the pattern instructions but I finally got it. I wore my new dress to church yesterday and everyone liked it, including Gloria (she goes to my church).

One of my other friend's even told me that it looked like I bought it from a store. Well, that's the idea my friends!

As always, I welcome comments! 


  1. Very pretty! I like the "sewing rebel" comment. My husband always laughs at me because I never follow directions on recipes or patterns!

  2. I look forward to your projects each week!

    I love this dress, the cross top is amazing, and every mama needs pockets! I have to admit I am a little intimidated by patterns. I figure if it doesn't turn out perfect (not using a pattern) I can say that is how it was meant to be. :)
    Great job!

  3. Really cute! I'm impressed by how you're straying from the pattern directions with such awesome results!

  4. so pretty! I'm so in awe of people that can sew, I'm pretty crafty, but sewing is just HARD! Looks great!

  5. I really like the drape dress. I will never sew. Not my thing and I'd probably screw it up :-) This looks really nice on you though.