Monday, March 16, 2015

Color Block Sweatshirt Refashion, the last one for Winter 2015

I wanted to squeeze this in before the first day of Spring!

Here's my latest sweatshirt refashion, and probably my last for this winter. I can definitely say that I can't wait for warmer weather but I will definitely miss my sweatshirt recon collection.  I just love sweatshirts! It's such great material to work with.

For this reconstruction, I repurposed a grey sweatshirt, size large, and an earlier sweatshirt refashion that didn't work out (that happens sometimes).

I had three design elements I wanted to concentrate on; a flounce, a v-neck, and I knew I wanted it to be tunic. With that in mind, this baby was born! I initially thought I would not put sleeves on it but decided against that. It is a sweatshirt! It should have sleeves. 

Once again, I have the coziness and warmth of a sweatshirt and the cool chicness of a tunic.

I am currently working on some spring outfit ideas, can't wait to show you. Thanks for stopping by! 


  1. I like this. The two colours work well together and it make a really good and comfortable dress/tunic.

    1. Thank you so much Annabellouise! That's what I as going for, it is definitely super comfy!