Saturday, September 24, 2016

Big Ups to Hand-Me-Downs: Clothes, Connection, and Memory

Soon, Dan's name will be crossed off when he grows out of it, and we give it away 

I grew up with two sisters so, hand-me-downs were the norm. I was the middle child so I didn't have it so bad, my little sister, not so much! Lol. 

But a couple of months ago, Dan was wearing a shirt that used to be his brother's, pants that used to be his cousin's, and a jacket handed down by my hubby's friend's son. He was a walking hand me down machine and he looked great! (In all the hand-me-down excitement, I forgot to take a picture!) 

There is no shame in this. Micah saw the shirt and immediately remembered it was his, it put a big smile on his face. When I saw his cousin's name in the waistband of the pants, I remembered that I had to make sure I planned for babysitting. We would be attending his High School graduation ceremony in two weeks, we're so proud of him ! And when I took the jacket out and saw that it belonged to the boy I mentioned earlier, I remembered what a wonderful time we had when his parents invited us over to their home. His kids had a tree house and a swing set, my boys, Jon and I enjoyed ourselves so much that day! 

Hand me downs are about helping to preserve the planet so clothes don't end up in land fills, it's about creating connection and memories, and yes, let's be real, it's also about saving money, nothing wrong with that, right? 

But there's still that little embarrassment that people feel about admitting that their kids are wearing clothes that were previously owned by others. I still have a jacket that belonged to my mother, and when I wear it, I think of her. It's time we remove the stigma of hand-me-downs. If we can envision what we wear as connection/memory symbols rather than status symbols, it would change the way we relate to clothing.

So, yes, big ups to hand-me-downs! Feel free to comment and share your hand me down stories! 


  1. I have recently been the giver of hand me downs to a few people in my neighborhood and church. As a sentimental mom (as we all are to some degree!) I have been holding on to my youngest daughters baby clothes, and even clothes she recently has grown out of. One day while in the attic I realized that if I continued doing this, my house would be cluttered with clothes we no longer have any use for. So I prayed that God would send me some people who needed/wanted some baby clothes, sneakers, and toddler clothes, and He sure did! Knowing that there is a stigma attached to this kind of thing I was a little worried that people might feel insulted, but to my pleasant surprise they were not only willing, but grateful for all of the clothes and shoes I gave away!Hand me downs are awesome (especially when you are living on a tight budget!) :)

    1. Michelle! Thank you so much for commenting! Yes! I really love hand me downs, I still have some of my mom's clothes and they reconnect me to her when I wear them. So glad God was able to bring this family to you, I have always known you to be so thoughtful. God bless you sis!

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