Sunday, December 28, 2008

Sisters together on Christmas

The best part of the holiday season is seeing my sisters. My younger one lives near me but my older one, A, lives in Alabama and I only get to see her once a year. Having both of them here makes me feel complete, we compliment one another so when A comes back home, she brings out and confirms a lot of things about me and who Iam.

D, my youngest, was sick on Christmas and only wanted to be carried by me the whole time which was quite exhausting!!! So when I had to take a bathroom break I gave him to my hubby and he cried bloody murder ( D, not hubby). A was nearby and D reached out towards her and allowed her to hold him as he gently layed his head on her shoulder. When I came out, A motioned to me and whispered, "I think he thinks I am you." We do look a like and have the same kinda voice. That was so interesting to me. The fact that he only sees his aunt once a year and is still drawn to her. It speaks of the power of family and connection. I am still thinking about it.

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