Monday, December 1, 2008

WORLD AIDS DAY and Monday Inspiration

As usual, I like to join in talking about what inspires me. In addition, in honor of World Aids Day, I would like to honor those who are living with Aids a well as those who have passed on from the disease.

Today, in particular, two people that inspire me are my cousin P and my close friend S. Both of these beautiful women lost their parents to Aids at a time in their lives when they needed their parents most. S was raising a budding family and P was just starting on her journey of womanhood. When I think of them, I stand in awe at how they have continued to persevere for themselves and their families. S is a strong woman who is a fighter and refuses to be a victim of her circumstances. She continues to love life and tries to instill that in her children. P has had some set backs but always gets back up and continues to strive. I am so proud of her. I honor you today, S and P, you inspire me to be a strong woman in spite of what may be going on in my life. I am grateful to know you!!!!


  1. Powerful post. I bet they're grateful that their hardships can still inspire someone.

  2. That's a wonderful tribute to two powerful people.

  3. lovely post Nellie. Thanks for sharing it with us all