Monday, November 24, 2008

Monday inspiration

My husband and I have been having a hard time finding time for a date. We planned something last week and my mom, who was supposed to come over to babysit, cancelled on us. We planned something else on another day and one of the kids got sick. Another time, we realized that we simply had no money to hire a babysitter. It kept going on like this for quite some time that I finally blew up and told him that we needed to get creative if we wanted to go out (okay, I said some more things but I don't want to go into it here). So since going out at night was not working, hubby rearranged his work schedule so that he could work 4PM-12AM, I asked D's physical therapist to arrive half and hour earlier, and we arranged for my mom to watch D while my six year old went to school. Cool! Everything was working as scheduled. The therapist arrived on time, Good. I got a call that M had thrown up all over himself and he needed to be picked up, NOT GOOD. Okay, okay, we can work something out. I called my mom and asked her if it was okay for her to watch two kids instead of one (she said yes, of course, and told me how silly I was for asking, i asks anyway because I want to teach her a lesson about boundaries, but that's for another blog post) and I then tell my husband he needs to pick up M from school. Okay, everything back on track. M gets home and he seems okay. I ask him how he's feeling and he says he's feeling better. I don't ask him twice for fear that he might come down with something at that very second and, even though my mom's home, I would feel guilty leaving her with a sick child. Anyway, M then tells my husband that he has a headache, I pretend not to hear and grab my coat. There is no way in heck that we will not have a date today, darnit!!! So we made it out the door and into the car and off we went. We didn't even do anything ultra special. We had breakfast together and then went to Barnes and Nobles and his favorite, KB Toy Store. Okay, my hubby is a big kid too. It was just great to be with him, alone, and talk. That stirs my creative juices, to feel like an equal in a relationship, to feel like there is a give and take and not just a take which is what happens when you are with needy kids all the time. I also realized today that creativity is not just about putting stuff on paper, on fabric, about making something tangible. It's about making time to be with the one you love. I am inspired today.


  1. I'm glad you guys had some time to yourselves - it's something we haven't done in a long time...must make time!

  2. I am glad you were able to get that time together. You're right, things like that can definitely spark creativity.