Saturday, January 30, 2010

This shirt is Illegal, reconstruction from the past #2

Here's another t-shirt reconstruction I did this past summer. My hubby got it from a VOM conference held in my church. VOM stands for The Voice of the Martyrs. The following is taken from their website, "The Voice of the Martyrs is a non-profit, inter-denominational Christian organization dedicated to assisting the persecuted church worldwide. VOM was founded in 1967 by Pastor Richard Wurmbrand, who was imprisoned 14 years in Communist Romania for his faith in Christ. His wife, Sabina, was imprisoned for three years. In the 1960s, Richard, Sabina, and their son, Mihai, were ransomed out of Romania and came to the United States. Through their travels, the Wurmbrands spread the message of the atrocities that Christians face in restricted nations, while establishing a network of offices dedicated to assisting the persecuted church." When people see my website, some might think that I am a communist and atheist. I am neither. In fact, I am a Christian who loves Jesus. To me, He's the most powerful revolutionary of all because he spoke of revolution within. Just because I am a Christian doesn't mean that I can't be inspired by Che, Angela or Pedro (some of the people I screenprint). These people were passionate and risked their lives for the poor and disenfranchised. They weren't perfect, just passionate and that is what I celebrate. One day, when I find an image that does Jesus justice, I'll print it on a t-shirt. For now, I like my collection of cultural/revolutionary people and look forward to adding more.

Without further ado, here is this too big t-shirt transformed into a perfect, chic summer top. And yes, this shirt is illegal in 52 countries.


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