Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Cuff Month

Forgive me readers for I have sinned, it's been two months since my last blog post! Yes, it's been a while but I continue to desire to update you on what has been going on. So here goes.

I will call the month of March (and some of April) Cuff Month! I have been getting a lot of orders for my cuffs and most of them have been coming from my dear friend M who has become my bestest customer in the world! I am going to have to give her an award, seriously! I last wrote about M in this post back in January of 2009. Well, M, asked me if I was interested in a wholesale gig and I said YES! So this is what I have been working on. I think I made her about 25 cuffs all together. It may not sound like a lot but when you have two kids and your babysitter decides to take a three week vacation, then it is a lot!!!!! But I did it and am so grateful for the opportunity. She has been selling them at various events and I am so happy for the exposure. It also pushed me to mix it up a bit in terms of the fabric choices. M suggetsed I do some of them with red fabric and I pulled a couple of switcheroos in terms of fabric and icons. Here are a couple of pics. You'll recognize the fabric from other cuffs I have done. These will be available in my shop soon.

By the way, M has a shop on etsy too. She sells beautiful, nostalgic, eccentric pieces that are amazingly crafted. Check out the Hand of Fatima Designs here.

Tomorrow, I'll talk a little about new additions to the shop.

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