Friday, October 29, 2010

Nelesc Designs Tiny Little Fall Collection

Well, here it is, my tiny 2 piece fall collection. It's really a three piece collection but I still have not had time to photograph the last piece and I couldn't wait. I wanted to keep true to my passion for reconstruction/refashioning/redeeming so these are made from reconstructed sweatshirts. A lot of people really like the puff sleeve jacket which makes me so happy. I have been making various versions of it and it's been such a wonderful process. View more pics in my shop .

Puff Sleeve Jacket, $60.00

Asymmetrical Big Collar Sweatshirt, $40.00

These are made to order and can be made with different color combinations and icons. You can check the shop for details. Tell me what you think.


  1. Nellie, these are fabulous. As I posted on your FB page, they have a modern, cool futuristic Matrixy feel to them. I need to go shopping for more soon!