Friday, August 24, 2012

New PELO BUENO (GOOD HAIR) T-Shirts at Nelesc Designs

Inspired by my natural kinky hair, I bring you my take on the natural hair t-shirt. We all need an icon that will proclaim that all hair is PELO BUENO (GOOD HAIR)!

This was a crew neck t shirt that I reconstructed. The neck is scooped out and the sleeves are shorter. Can be worn off the shoulder. All seams are professionally hemmed. Check them out at my shop.

As a kid, I believed the lie that I had pelo malo (bad hair) and tortured my hair with relaxers and bonnet dryers. I still straighten it in the winter as I love to experiment with different looks, but I am here to proclaim that my curly, kinky hair is indeed PELO BUENO!
Also available in GREY, BROWN, AND RED in S, M, L, XL. Only available in BLUE AND BROWN in XXL. NO MORE XL IN BROWN.

Here it is in red

Tell me what you think!

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