Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Tutorial Tuesday: Turning Fashion on its Head; Upside Down Jacket Tutorial

A while back I accidentally put one of my jackets on upside down and voila! A new idea was born. 

I noticed that by putting the bottom part at the top, a very wide collar on a cropped jacket was created. I liked the collar idea but not the cropped part so I decided I was going to reinvent this whole upside down jacket concept. 

I started out with this jacket
that I bought at a thrift store. I knew that I wanted lettering on it because I wanted people to tell that I had turned it upside down. I also wanted it to be green as I knew St. Patricks Day was approaching.

This Audubon Soccer jacket was perfect.  It was green, had lettering, and it also had snaps which could add some interest. I don't know how Coach Accardi (coach's name is in the front) would feel about my refashioning his team's jacket. Oh well. 

I started by cutting it apart; arms are cut and the bottom was cut shorter in the front than in the back.

This is still right side up. I sewed up the lining on the bottom of the top portion and did the same for the bottom.

Then I turned the top and bottom upside down where you get a wider collar on top and on the bottom, you get a triangle hemline. 

I stitched the two halves together this way. I had to create pleats on the middle lower back so the two halves could line up evenly. Can you tell that the collar is the lower back now?

This is what it looks like from the front.

This is how it looks on me

 Front and back.

For the most part, I used the snaps from the original design but I did add 2 snaps at the top and one snap on the bottom of the top part. 
I also did away with the sleeves and simply sewed the green part of the sleeves over the lining turning it into a vest. The upside down pockets are useless now!  

I really liked the way it came out. It's a great vest for transitioning into Spring. Happy early St. Patricks Day!


  1. Amazing! I love the collar. Again, you leave me speechless.
    Great job.

  2. That is really amazing! I didn't quite get at first, then when you showed us how you did it, I am loving it. The new collar now is lovely and more wide and open. :) Clever!

  3. Wow, that's extremely clever! I absolutely love the new collar!!!

  4. I love how your mind works!

    It looks great!

  5. omg! that's freaking amazing! you are soooooo creative!

  6. Thank you so much for all these wonderful comments. It is kind of a weird concept but I really like how it came out. Going to try it with another jacket.

  7. That is awesome, I love it! And thanks so much for linking up to Recycled Fashion Finds

  8. That's so cool! It kind of reminds me of a peplum jacket from the back. So creative - thanks for linking up!