Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Sew and Tell: Color Block Draped Dress

Okay so I kept one of two promises from last week's color block draped dress post. I said I was going to iron the dress and show you pics of me wearing it. Well, here I am wearing it but it is not ironed! Sorry. I just had so much to do and I rather let you see it on me as quickly as possible. 

Doesn't it look better on a person than on the dress form? I certainly fill it out a lot more. I bought my mannequin before I had kids so I got bigger and my mannequin stayed the same, oh dear. 

Side view

Here is is without the belt. I really love it. 

Just to recap, this dress was designed on the dress form from fabric I sewed together. I love this organic way of designing. You can do it too, it's easy!

I still have to work on the neckline and perhaps will shorten it a bit but I can definitely see myself wearing this dress with sandals around my Bronx town in the summer time. 

Te gusta? (do you like?). I read each and every comment so feel free to post and let me know what you think. 


  1. I really like it. Like it more with the belt. Looks comfy. Looking forward to seeing it when you make your tweaks. Btw: I hate ironing. :-)

  2. Very interesting and comfy looking. I'd invest in a garment steamer. I love mine. Got it for Christmas in 2011 for like $50 off Amazon and it's great (except when I burn my fingers like I did yesterday lol)

  3. Love it! I think it's better without the belt. (Digging out a bunch of knit shirts I've boxed up to donate...no form to drape but maybe I can still do something interesting... thx for the inspiration!)

  4. Thank you so much ladies! Miz Kp, I am glad I am not he only one who hates ironing!

    Mixy, that is a great idea re: the garment steamer. I def have to look it up. I could probably steam it on the dress form itself!

    Karen, so glad I caught you before that box went out. looking forward to seeing what you come up with, and no, you don't need a dress form. You can sew the knit pieces together and lay pattern pieces on top of them, this is another alternative.