Monday, July 15, 2013

"Racial Profiling and Autism" -Autism Wonderland

I wasn't going to blog about the Trayvon  Martin case. I was too heart broken, I didn't have words. So many other people were blogging and turning to social media to vent, protest, have their voice heard and they were doing it so very eloquently, much more than I. One such person is Lisa Quinonez-Fontanez from Autism Wonderland. She wrote a blog post yesterday that expressed exactly what I felt and she related it to autism, something, frankly, I had not thought of. I have two kids on the spectrum and they are half Puerto Rican, so you can imagine my fears of raising them in this unpredictable world are a bit elevated right now. All I can do is trust in God. 

Anyway, I am a big believer that if someone else has expressed an idea wonderfully, there is no need for me to say the same thing. I am turning the mic over to her for this post, please click on over there, and comment.