Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Tutorial Tuesday: Denim Tote from Left Over Pockets

Hello and welcome to Tutorial Tuesday! I am continuing with my denim destashing and giving you this denim tote from random pockets I have been saving from hubby's worn out pants.

 Here are the pockets, four in total; two regular and two that have a fold-over flap.

I decided to attach the regular pockets to one of the fold-over flap pockets.

I then opened up the other pant leg with the other fold-over flap pocket and sewed each side to the sides of the regular pockets. 

This forms a box with no top or bottom.

With extra denim lying around, I made a lining for the tote. I cut out two rectangles; one for the bottom and the other for the lining of the tote.  I sewed one all around the square-like form of the pockets.

Now, for the lining, in addition the rectangular bottom piece, I cut out the same shapes as the pockets from extra denim, sewed them together like I did the tote. It's like making another separate tote.

Then you attach the lining to the actual tote, right sides together. 

Make sure you leave a little extra space to turn inside out.

This is what it looks like turned inside out

How it looks when you put the lining inside. 

Now iron all around the top part of the tote. We'll start making the straps.

I used the leg of a pant for the straps about two inches wide. Fold each, the long way, stitch right sides together and then turn inside out. If your denim is too thick, I would just topstitch each strip with ends folded in.

This is what you get. Two strips for straps.

Determine placement and put the ends in between the lining and the tote.

Then topstitch all around.

This is what it looks like at this point. I wanted to add a little more interest though.

I still had the top part of some other pants I reconstructed earlier.

I cut two  bands from the tops of two different pants. I also cut the loops off.

This is what they looked like after I finished.

 I attached the bands together and sewed them to the top of the tote.

Voila again!

I love these shots! I had to take my "after" pictures with my kids in tow. Sumer camp had not yet started last week. 

Flexing my mommy muscle! lol. So glad my yard is enclosed and Dan can't run away while my oldest takes pics!

"yes, you can get your car from my tote!"

Thanks for reading!Tell me what you think.


  1. Love the action shots! Your little guy is adorable.
    I just cut out a purse from jeans, and plan on sewing it together tomorrow. Now I want to scratch that project and make up a bag like this. I am sold by all the pockets and the size. As always great job!

  2. Thanks Theresa! Aahhh yes! I forgot to mention the size! I love how big it is too! Well, I was guided by the pockets which were large. But hey, I would love to see your purse too!

  3. Love this. I cant sew to save my life.:-) This is inspiring me to try. Your son is adorable!

  4. Thank you Sailing Autistic Seas! He is my little cute and yes, anybody can do this, it just takes time, passion and the will to do it. But girl, you are doing a lot yourself with your passion! Thanks for commenting!

  5. Great job Nellie. I really like how big the bag is. Can't beat upcycling!

    1. Thank you so much cloudsfullofrain!Yes, I love upcycling and transforming stuff!

  6. I have some denim pocket scraps I should give you if you want. I was going to eventually bring them to a greenmarket for recycling but I'd love to see more bags :P

    1. Sure! I would love them. Thank u!

  7. Great bag - and a wonderful tutorial too!!