Monday, April 28, 2014

Spring Break 2014

Hello! I have been MIA from the blog because of Spring break. I had the boys for  whole week and a half! I have a love/hate relationship with Spring break. On one hand I love it because it helps me focus on the boys as I spend time with them and take them out. I also see the progress they have made both socially and academically. The difficult part of Spring break is more about Dan's behavior. He is a non-stop destruction machine and if he does not have structure, he is bound to break something in his manic frenzy. Yes, this is what happened this spring break. He tore magazines and books while I was looking the other way. He's sneaky like that. His cuteness sometimes allows him to get away with it. 

Nevertheless, this time around, I decided to document Spring break. I figured it would get my oldest involved as he constantly reminded me to take a picture, it would add some structure to our day, and also keep me organized as I planned events. 

So here they are, a visual document of our Spring Break. descriptions correspond to pictures row by row. 


1. Monday was a beautiful day so we went to the park. My caption on my intsagram (nelescdesigns) read "a gated park is an autism mom's best friend"

2. The boys and I in the park


3. I worked at my museum job and the kids stayed home with Dad. This is a shot of one of the artworks by Deborah Grant, The Birth of a Genius in the Midnight Sun, 2012. It rained that day so I didn't feel bad that they stayed in.


4. We went to my sister's house. My sister has a way with Dan. So glad she and her girls love and accept him.


5. We went to the Fire Safety Zone, with another family who also has a son on the spectrum. Check out Miz Kp's blog,  Sailing Autistic Seas. It does have a sea of information and insight into living with a child on the autism spectrum. 

It's always difficult to go out with Dan but he did surprisingly well. 


6. We stayed home because I had a lot of work to do for my Art for Autism fundraiser. I felt a little guilty but I stepped out to get the mail and it was cold!!! So I didn't feel so bad. Notice, the weather always dissuades my guilt! lol. 


7. Art for Autism fundraiser. my oldest and our cousin dropped by. It was a great day and will blog about it separately.


8. We went to the movies and saw Rio 2. It was wonderful! Micah really enjoyed it but Dan fell asleep. I wasn't complaining.  The photo was of Micah and I walking to the train afterward. Dan did not want any part of the pic.


9. Hubby took Micah out and I took a walk to the library with Dan. Sometimes we have to separate them and give them individual attention. 

So there you have it,  our Spring break  in 9 pictures. It was fun but I am sure glad they are back in school. 

How was your Spring Break? 


  1. Wow. Your spring break is a lot later than ours. Glad you survived. I love that quote about gated parks!!

  2. Spring Break means different things to different parent and kids, for sure. You're looks wonderful, bumps and all. So glad you could all get out and about after a long, cold winter.