Wednesday, February 3, 2016

Sometimes the Invitation is Everything!

Two weeks ago, I wrote a post, Special Needs Mothering and FOMO (fear of missing out). I posted it on my Facebook page  and prefaced it with this statement, " I wish I could go to all the events Iam invited to but as a special needs mom, I just can't, but please don't stop inviting me!"

It is my hope that people would understand the value of the invitation, how huge that is. Even if you think or know we can't go to your event, it means a lot to know that you still think of us, that we are not forgotten, and when we can't make it, that I/we are missed. 

In the past I have heard, "we didn't invite you because we know how hard it is for you to get babysitting" or "it was last minute, we knew you wouldn't come."  I don't want to hear that. Yes, if you really want me/us, to attend your event, please do try to invite us with enough time for us to attempt to find a babysitter. But even if it's last minute, reach out, we might be able to swing it, and if we can't, sometimes the invitation is everything!

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