Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Brown and Green Eco Dress

Here's the brown and green dress that I wrote about on June 21st. It too is part of the scraps idea I wrote about earlier. I wore it about three times already including my son's IEP meeting which went very well. I know it was God but I think the dress helped too (just kidding!) I call it the eco dress because after it was done it looked like a tree trunk with brown leaves and a lonely green leaf hanging on. Like a cry to the universe to save our planet. This is one of those times when I made something and the end result was not what I intended it to be. I do try to live green ( I do use recycled materials in my line) but I didn't begin the dress with this intent in mind. I am very happy how it turned out. I guess the dress had a message to tell.

The green was from a t-shirt my mother in law gave me, it was hers, and the brown on the bodice was scrap from a previous project. I did buy a new t-shirt for the skirt part. The browns don't match perfectly, but that's okay with me.

By the way, the pattern is also mine. I am so excited about this new patternmaking venture.

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