Thursday, July 17, 2008

DIY style today and project I worked on

So first off, I got dressed quickly this morning because I realized that I had run out of milk and when I glanced at what I was wearing, I realized that it was all my own clothes, that is, I made them all. The vest is grey, i made this recently but the pants were made a while go, maybe 6 years ago, wow! That's a great feeling when your creations become so much part of you, your life. That's when I realized that I would like to sell the stuff I make, cause I like them so much, so maybe someone else would too. Oh, wait a minute the tank top underneath the vest is not mine. I did purchase it.

Also, this is what I worked on today. It's a dress made from three different t-shirts, a grey one that was given to my son but did not fit him, the blue with stripes was also given to him but didn't fit him either and the blue from the skirt was a purchased one. It is still quite unfinished. Needs some type of binding on the neck and sleeves and the back is longer than the front for some reason. It came out shorter than I wanted to so it could either be a beach dress or a tunic worn with jeans. I think I'll add a graphic and have it go towards the Nelesc line. I keep keeping the stuff I make, it's time to start creating towards the collection again. I had to take the pic while leaning back because the straps are still not attached in the back.

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