Thursday, August 12, 2010

First Attempt at Romper

I have been sewing a lot for myself this summer as I realized that my wardrobe needed a pick me up and I am bursting at the seams (pun intended) with fabric so I needed to do some serious fabric stash busting. I have made two rompers, a top, and two dresses. I will definitely show pics soon!
Here you have my first attempt at making a romper (sorry for the blurry pics, I think I need a new camera!). I chose a black knit with leafy detail that I got for $1.00 a yard at Savathon on Fordham Road. When I first embarked on this journey I thought, "how hard can this be? It's just a top and pants attached at the waist with elastic, I don't need a pattern." So I went on my merry way and cut it out without a pattern. Well, it is not what I envisioned it to be. The top turned out too fitted and the waist is lower than what I wanted, it looks like a dropped waist. That said, it is passable and I have worn it twice already.
I since have made another one that I really like, from a pattern. Hey, sometimes a girl needs a little help. I will show pics soon, hopefully better ones.


  1. very cute, as always. you model your stuff well.

    hey, you 'won' a little something over on my blog. can you come over and pick from the 2 things? then we can talk via email so I can get your address :)
    shonacole at aol dot com