Sunday, December 30, 2012

Christmas Sunday Outfit

Another photo by my 10 year old photographer son.

Last Sunday, the members of our church were getting together for a Christmas dinner right after service. I wanted to look festive for the season and wear red. I don't really like red. I actually don't think I own anything in that color. I always feel that the color red brings out the reddish undertones in my skin and that is why I don't own red colored clothes. Okay, now that I made that point emphatically, I decided to make this red/pink top.

I used McCalls 6435 for the sweetheart neck line but I changed it and added a flounce hem to it for some pizazz

Underneath, I wore a black sleeveless dress that acted like a skirt. Although, you can't see them, I wore grey textured tights and grey wedge shoes. I really liked my outfit and love the fact that I can whip something up so fast. That's right, I impressed myself! lol.  The top could actually read a little  "Valentines Day" but I still like it.  I felt pretty and festive and had a great time! Merry 5th Day of Christmas!

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