Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Happy New Year! My Four Favorite Posts of 2012

Happy New Year! I am very excited about this coming year, but as I  look back, I will definitely miss 2012. Last year was full of much growth for me both personally and professionally.

Personally, I feel like I publicly, in this blog and on my facebook page, came out as an autism mom. This post from July is my very favorite from last year because it really set the tone for my writings every since and it brought me into a sense of wholeness that I felt was missing in my life before that point. My life has always been filled with dichotomies: Puerto Rican/American, spanish/english, Christian/Secular, curly hair, straight hair (okay, maybe that's pushing it!, lol.). I didn't want to continue with yet another dichotomy; designer mom/autism mom. God had been prompting me to share my unique perspective in raising my boys and thus I am coming to you from a more authentic place. A place which allows you a peek into my autism world as I run this blog and my shop. 

Which leads me to my business growth. I had been struggling with posting more consistently here,  finding the time to design more, and sharing my sewing and wardrobe refashioning knowledge with you while screenprinting and running my etsy shop. As I prayed and God gave me wisdom, I realized that the answer was staring at me in the face all along. If I wanted to post more consistently, then I had to write about things that I am passionate about; sewing, recycling,  and re-fashioning. Thus my foray into the tutorial world! I am having such a ball sharing my creations and my step by step instructions. This is my favorite tutorial from last year; make a cuff from a sandal. I definitely will do more of these in the coming year and eventually offer some of my patterns for sale in my Etsy shop.  

Last but not least, I unveiled a very personal icon in my shop this past year; the Pelo Bueno (good hair) girl. I had always had issues surrounding my curly hair, especially growng up in a Latino community where issues of race and color are still very much alive but not talked about enough. Much like in the African American community curly/kinky hair is seen as bad hair. It's getting better today especially with all the natural hair products and inspiring natural hair t-shirts out there.  My Pelo Bueno t-shirt is a particularly Latino contribution to the natural hair conversation and conversation and stories is exacly what the shirt has been inspring! When I unveiled it for sale at the 7th annual Puerto Rican craft fair, I  got so much positive feedback,  stories, and anecdotes. It was so much fun to talk about this issue with others who felt the same way. This is my small way to continue to inspire others to be proud of who they are no matter what type of hair you have. It doesn't mean that only curly hair is good hair or that if you wear your hair straight once in a while (like me) that you're selling out. It just means that not ONLY straight hair is good.  

So there you have it,  my four favorite posts of 2012. DeVon Franklin, in his book, Produced by Faith says, "if you are true to who you are, it will open doors, not close them". I truly hope you have enjoyed this new blogging direction as it  has already opened doors to new friendships and projects which I will unveil soon. Curly hair, re-fashioning, autism; it's all bueno and it's all me.    

Happy new year and thank you so very much for continuing with me on this journey! I appreciate you.

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