Monday, July 13, 2015

"I Need Pets Like You Need Art"

I have had the pets discussion on lock down for a while now. Whenever my beloved brought up pets, I would reply with, “I cannot fathom taking care of one more living creature!” There is a lot involved in caring for a special needs child, let alone two. I can't even care very well for a plant these days, lol. 

However, today I heard him.  I listened and really heard my husband loud and clear. He continued to tell me how he grew up with pets, how much caring for God's creatures helped him to be a better person, to learn about himself, how wonderful it will be for the kids to care of another living creature, etc. This all helped me to understand. 

But really, what really got me to listen was the above quote. Whenever you tell me you need something like I need art, well, I’m all ears. He finally spoke my language! 

He and my older son came home with a pet today... a snake! I'm fine with it. It's in it's own tank and I don't have to do a thing to care for it. 

Since the purchase, some have questioned why I would rather say yes to a snake, a pet that requires live mice feedings once a week, rather than a cute, cuddly dog?" Good question. My answer? A snake won't jump on top of me and lick me, I already have one of those and it's not a dog. I also don't have to walk the snake or feed it, I made sure my husband and son agreed to that term. So having the snake works for all of us. Perfect compromise...and I got my husband off my back for at least a month until he starts asking for another pet.   

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