Monday, July 27, 2015

Easy DIY Jumpsuit

Sometimes I like to take a break from reconstructing existing garments and sew from scratch. This is a very easy DIY jumpsuit that I wore to work the other day. Super comfy!

I apologize for the crazy curl that has a mind of its own.

I made the pants from scratch using this beautiful, earth-toned fabric given to me by Gloria ( we call her Bennie), a wonderful lady from my church who used to be a factory seamstress and eventually worked her way up to being a manager, traveling for the company and overseeing production. Bennie has given me lots of fabric over the years and I have made some great outfits with them. She is amazing at 90 years young! I mentioned Bennie in this post from 2013 and also in this one from 2014.

Anywho, I made the pants and also the top part of the jumpsuit with the same fabric. However, after trying it on, before stitching the top and bottom together, I felt that the overall pattern of the material was too overpowering for a one piece garment. It needed to be broken up, but I still wanted a jumpsuit, so I decided to buy a black shirt and attach it to the pants. 

The trick was to find a top that was stretchy and had a wide enough neck that could fit over my butt when I put it on!  I found this great black top with this cool back detail. 

So I attached the store-bought top to the pants and voila! Instant jumpsuit. No elastic necessary. You could even make this even easier to make by buying a pair of elastic pants and a stretchy top from a second hand store and just stitch them together. 

I also love the way it looks with a belt. It would look even better with a fab necklace but I didn't have time to accessorize as I took these pics five minutes before the school bus was due. 

I did manage to accessorize here with my ID tag, lol
I love jumpsuits because they are so comfortable and give great coverage. At my museum job,  I often sit on the floor  while discussing artworks, I wore it the other day for a tour and workshop and felt so at ease the whole time. I think jumpsuits are going to be my new work uniform. 

Do you like jumpsuits? I would love to know either way. I am thinking of designing some jumpsuit patterns and would appreciate your feedback. 

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