Sunday, July 10, 2016

Arts Heals: Riffing Off of this Van Gogh Quote

I am about to teach another round of the NYC Craft Entrepreneurship course. These classes always get me excited as I love to share all that I have learned in my creative entrepreneurship journey. 

The best part, though, is hearing my student's stories, how they came to crafting, and what led them to take this next step in entrepreneurship. More and more I am convinced of the power of art as a tool for healing. In light of recent events, I know that it is indeed one of the weapons we can use to  offer hope. 

Last year, I posted this Van Gogh quote on Instagram (by the way, follow me there if you like, @nelescdesigns) with a caption. I'd like to share that IG vintage post with you here, now. 

"Last night, during my craft entrepreneurship class, several people shared that they came to crafting after a traumatic experience in their lives. Creating helped them through depression and pushed them to go on. 

I have been there. I started my shop seven (now eight) years ago after my youngest son was diagnosed with autism. I know what it is to run to my sewing machine in moments of brokenness, sadness, and loneliness thinking, ' if I can only make something then I have something to show for the pain.' You would never know it but some of my creations: re-constructed t-shirts, jumpsuits, fabric cuffs,etc., have a story behind them. I am so grateful to God that I have that outlet. 

What's your outlet what's your coping mechanism? Find something that re-creates you, because sex drugs, and alcohol are so overrated"

Feel free to share some of your crafting stories in the comments! 

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