Sunday, June 22, 2008

I learned how to drive today

I don't know how to drive. I have never driven a car, I have never had a steering wheel in my possession. So today, after we took my niece home, my husband gets out of the car and tells me it's time that I got my first lesson. I got my permit a week ago after thinking about getting it for years. Listen, I am a subway girl, a city girl, an urban chick, I am the fifth Sex and the City girl, the city is my playground, I have a love affair with it, even from the Bronx, so why would I want a car? to drive to the city? No way. Well, I'll tell you why I now want to drive, cause I have two kids!!!! that's why!!!! lugging a six year old and a one year old in a stroller up subway stairs ain't pretty. So maybe soon I might be able to drive to central avenue with the kids, drive to my mom's house, drive to amusement parks, drive by myself somewhere, drive my husband crazy trying to pry the car away from him.

So having that steering wheel in my hand, the gas petal at my foot, was scary and exhilarating. My husband gave me nice clear directions and I went managed to drive around the block without hitting another car or killing anyone!!! i told my husband that in no time I will be driving him around while he napped. He said, "yeah sure and i'll wake up in heaven...if I make it there." He's funny. I love that about him. Well, today I drove a car. the possibilities are endless.

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  1. All right!!!Drive,drive, drive...the more you do, the more you wonder how you lived without it!